Netaquila offers a comprehensive range of solutions for medical, legal, and general transcription. We have a dedicated workflow management team to keep our clients updated on delivery schedules, and clarifications, and handle any challenges our clients may face. With Netaquila as your partner, you get:

  • High-quality documentation
  • Two levels of stringent quality checks before any documents are delivered
  • Exclusive teams assigned to your account
  • Dedicated workflow and quality managers tasked with ensuring only high-quality documents are consistently delivered to you
  • Quick turnaround time
  • High level of data security with dedicated servers and encryption

Medical Scribe

At Netaquila, we offer both Synchronous (‘Live’) and Asynchronous (‘Offline’) Medical Scribing services.

Our medical scribes serve as an extension of your team. They excel at collecting vital patient information during visits and documenting it within the Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. By taking over documentation, our medical scribes alleviate the administrative burden on physicians, empowering them to prioritize patient care.

Our synchronous medical scribers listen to patient-provider conversations in real-time, and work directly in the provider’s Electronic Health Record system. The time taken to finalise the document in the EHR depends on the provider’s workflow, i.e., the time between the visits, patient volume, details required in the notes, etc.

Our asynchronous medical scribers work with recordings of the conversation between patient and provider. We offer a turn-around-time ranging from 4-24 hours based on complexity and as per our service-level-agreement with you.

Medical specialities we serve

Netaquila's medical scribe services cater to a wide range of medical specialities, ensuring that your documentation needs are met with precision. Our expertise covers:

Medical Transcription

Our Specialties

Netaquila’s highly skilled and trained staff is familiar with the nuances of various medical specialties, including:

Work types for medical transcription

The team at Netaquila is qualified to prepare a variety of medical reports/documents, including: