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Our Story

At Netaquila, we provide high-quality, secure transcription and documentation services to improve workflow efficiency and productivity for institutions, agencies, and stakeholders that require such services. Netaquila started its medical transcription business in 2004 working directly with medical institutions and clinics in the United States, Canada & the UK and subcontracting for other medical transcription companies.

For those doctors we do service directly, we provide them access to our document management system, which is simple, intuitive, and 100% secure. It can be used in conjunction with your existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) management system.

We started our legal and general transcription business in 2015, with a team of seasoned veterans leading this business. Today, the majority of our business has transitioned to subcontracting, which allows us to focus on what we do best – deliver the highest-quality transcription and documentation– rather than having to concentrate on client acquisition and servicing.

Quality and integrity continue to drive Netaquila’s operations. Our best interests lie in those of our clients and our people.


Our promoter, Rakesh Saraf started Netaquila in 2004 along with an industry veteran, Vineet Kumar - operating from a humble production facility. Today we have a team of over 100 transcription professionals working from our state-of-the-art offices in India, with a capacity of over 1 million lines per month. Atul Pokhriyal, a seasoned healthcare operations professional currently leads the team at Netaquila.

As quality is our top priority, our employees are screened through intensive interviews and testing before we bring them on board. Our staff consists of veterans and the industry’s best talent, who are expected to uphold our stellar reputation for quality and delivery. Our staff undergoes consistent training to ensure they continue to have sharp skills relevant to the current business ecosystem. The transcription and documentation industry is known for its challenging work environment, because of a carrot-and-stick management style, late salary payments, and prohibitive penalty structures, resulting in high attrition.

At Netaquila, we consciously decided to change this practice by encouraging a work culture that celebrates our people and nurtures them. Our employee retention has always been high, with our longest-serving employees being with us for over 18 years. Several of our employees have been with Netaquila for over a decade